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This blog is for two different types of people. Those who love classic cinema from around the world, and those who are clueless and would love to learn. I will focus primarily on films from what I consider to be the “Golden Age” of cinema. A fifty year span ¬†from the mid 1930s to the mid 1980s. While there were some fabulous silent films (a study worthy in its own right) I will not cover that many, with the exception of a few which I consider to be seminal works. I will not approach films from a “Post-Modern” lets “Deconstruct”it philosophy. I find that to be pretentious, silly and off-putting. I intend to cover films of all genres including Horror, Cult, Scifi, Sword & Sandal and many others that your typical academic snob would scoff at. Special attention will be paid to the masters of film to use as a benchmark from which all others sprang. So the next time you go to a party and someone says “Bressonian” or drops names like Tarkovsky, Kobayashi, Ford or even Mario Bava, you will know what they are talking about and probably much more then the person who dropped the name.

Who am I? Let me begin by telling you who I am not. I am not an academic and hold no degree in film or film history. Actually, I dont hold a degree in anything. I barely made it out of high school! But I was a film fan from early on and would try to watch as many films as time would allow and what was available in the early days of VHS. What really changed everything for me was actually an unfortunate incident. Due too an accident I would find myself flat on my back for weeks at a time. This went on for a number of years. While the was Hell on my health, bank account and personal relationships it gave me the opportunity to do two things. Read, watch movies or go insane with boredom. With a smoldering passion for film already in my soul I gave it license to engulf me. I watched and re-watched everything I could get my hands on and became familiar with names and genres I never knew existed. And there is always more to learn. Now with the advent of the internet and companies like Netflix it is possible to see almost any film that hasnt dissolved into dust. So thats my story. I am a guy from a working class background who is a self-educated film fan and would like to educate and discuss film with people who dont want a bunch of  pretentious nonsense.


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